Torn: The Bus, A Taxi Or A Good Option

New London Bus

This is the kind of post that you either agree with or you don’t, this write up is not meant to convince or confuse you. I just thought i could probably bring to light how many people like myself think on the situation of transport in this part of the world.
I was talking to my friends the other day and everyone seems to have this idea that ALL girls have this vanity either lurking to come out or is already out.

I kind of agreed him. Kind of.
This was a conversation about girls wanting things they could not afford but don’t we all want things that a not within out grasp? Is this not makes us humans on a mission? The thing that makes want to hustle?
Back to what one of the guys said, “This chick wanted to come over to my place but she told me that she wanted me to pay for her cab fare and i asked her if she couldn’t take the bus she should just stay where she was!”

See what happened there? He actually also wanted her to come over but she could not afford the fees for a cab and wasn’t will to bare it which i find very confusing(I might not be very objective about this) if she came out to say she had no money for the cab she really didn’t…i guess. I hate to ask anyone for anything except i really have to which does not make it any easier BTW.

I walk to the office everyday, which i enjoy doing, it seems not to be very cool to the “cool kids” when you are actually doing but seems to be a very good idea to those who think my place of employment is a walkable distance. I would take the bus down to the office if we had a good bus system but that’s not the case, our government in Nigeria will rather give is tricycles as compared to improve our road transport systems.

We have different kind of solutions these days for our cab needs thanks to the internet and mobile apps, i have always been a huge fan of what mobile taxi apps represent to people like me, I mean people that a actually comfortable not having cars but will like to move around the city in a mode of transport that will provide both safety and a stench-free journey.
We are not saying we are too good to take the bus with a fish seller but we also think taking the bus with that stench and showing up at a meeting with the group of people that want to invest on your website is a terrible idea.

This brings me to a place where people will tell you that you’re being cheap but that isn’t the case, at all! I think we are the only set of people that actually recognise were we are,want to grow higher, will work to go to the top but are also willing to “cut our coat according to our sizes”.

I have used almost all the mobile taxi apps there are in Lagos but they aren’t the example “Budget yet comfortable” they start up looking as though the price is good enough till you compare it to the normal taxi fares then you realize that you might shooting yourself in the foot.
E for effort. I love the effort, i really do.
Make things easy for some us that earn our money, want to look, smell good and bring out our “Beats by Dre” or “Sony” headphones in a bus with a good book relax and feel out of place. We will pay a little more. We can afford the pricey options that the cabs offer but we know we have other things to do with the extra cash than think of buying new cars.


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