Make-Up, Enhancement, Transformation or Deception

Half Drag

Half-Drag by Leland Bobbé

Make up is past introduction in this age and time. We have children that wear make-up these days, have you seen “Child Pageantry”? Children in those things have more make up on that many adults have even tried in their whole existence.

Make-up has evolved so much from what it first popped on the “popular” radar from the cave men to the Egyptians so much that we have even ‘nude’ make up! What does that even mean? You are wearing make-up so that you will look like you aren’t wearing make up? Can it get more confusing than that?

Even our phones have make up filters! We have make-up apps that can give you add-ons like long lashes, lipstick, blush, smooth faces and even change an entire outfit.

Like what? What has make-up even become?

Looks are part of people’s livelihood these days…Have seen the kind of celebrities we have these days? How she wore her lipstick, where she wore a color of lipstick to, what color of lipstick she wore, when she went to the supermarket. Note that this has only been about her lipstick! Think of what the other components, the thought process before wearing the whole of the make up.

Make-Up isn’t really simply enhancement of beauty as it used to be anymore. Its now for a total transformation, one term for the a well made of face of make up is “Face Beat”. Why would you want to beat your own face? What can be said right now is “Pretty Hurts” the Queen Bey said it all.

It’s an easy choice these days as we want to look like our fav celebs and this is the most acceptable thing as every fashionista wants to look like Kim K these days. Do you even how bad it is that even black girls want to use Kim’s color of highlighting powder? Unbelievable! How close does our skin color come?

Can we talk about contouring? You meet a girl at the pool, you think she’s alright, both of you agree to come back for dinner then you meet her later all dressed up and you don’t recognize her because instead of enhancing her beauty she completely transforms to someone else with new illusions of a pointy nose and high cheek bones. Like wow! How did we get here? When we change the shapes of our own faces.

Make-Up Artistes are indeed our modern day Picassos; they are every vain girl’s fantasy they make it happen. Being that being given pro services don’t come cheap, every girl strives to do her make-up herself.

Why the make-up though? Do you want to enhance your beauty, change yourself to another person or do you see it as a tool to transform yourself to the version of you that you’ve always fantasied about?

There are many reasons women choose to wear makeup. One of the top reasons is to enhance their natural beauty and be more physically alluring. For example, if a woman has pretty eyes, she may use eyeliner to make them stand out more. She may also apply mascara to her eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller, further calling attention to the natural beauty of her eyes. Some women even wear makeup just because it’s fun to look a little different for a time.
Whatever the reason is make-up is just a mask but it can make or break you.

You choose!


  1. Honestly I really don’t even know what make up is anymore I try to do my make up my self nd mine isn’t to b a doll but to enhance my look….but I love d write up nice 1…

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