So Much Ado About BVN: My Experience With An Over Enthusiastic Bank Lady.

Bank's biometric

Bank Verification Number (BVN) is basically biometric authentication – using your fingerprint, retina, or even your DNA to authorize yourself into an account and has been a hot topic in security for a long time.

Some of the most secure banks right now use token-based authentication. You get a token that generates a special number which you use alongside your password to log in to your account. Sometimes, the token number is all you need. This makes it very difficult for thieves to get their hands on your funding, short of stealing the token device.

I have huge reservations with some one, something or some people who need your basic bio-metric data information including your facial image, your 10 fingerprints as well as other unique features to facilitate security.

I feel secure already. 😑

Why so personal? Why do we need to give up everything they know they can’t replicate? I know I just said the advantages but some things are too good to be true.

I know the perks, I’ve known them for awhile now but do I want too give all this precious info away to some ‘custodians’? I just wasn’t ready but this happened.

I needed to deposit some money to an account and this was a very important errand I needed to run plus I took out time away from the office which is something I hated doing because I never want to give anyone a chance to find any fault in how I comported myself in the workplace. I could not remember my where I dropped my token and I walked into the banking hall and the fates had my back, it was practically empty!

I walked to the person who was to attend to me and some lady came up to me and said “Good morning, please have you registered for your BVN yet?” I wanted to reply, “Fuck off!” in my most menacing voice but I decided to be nice and and said “Good morning to you too, I’ll really like to do what you need right now but I’m in a huge hurry and  I have to get this done fast”. Then she got cocky all of a sudden and said she couldn’t let me go through work the transaction to I got her BVN number thing.

Talk about over being enthusiastic about your job. 😏

She walked up to the guy over the counter, who had nothing to do with the conversation I just had with her and said “I just told this lady that she couldn’t perform her transaction without getting her BVN number and she still won’t do it ” Unbelievable ! I wasn’t even given a chance.

When the ‘custodians’ need something that takes your freewill they make it look like they’re doing a favor… No, I’m doing you the favor not the other way round!

I still needed to get that transaction done and the election was rigged from the beginning, so I gave in.  😢😩

Does this idea of giving out your “unique features” to a system scare you or not? Now its this,what could it possibly want to help us keep ‘safe’ in future?

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