Is It Just Sex Or A Path To Something More?

Is It Just Sex Or Something More

Photo Credit: Lifehacker


You are not in  an “active” relationship, you consider yourself single.

There is this big hole in your chest (some say it’s the heart but I think it has to contain something to be considered a heart when it comes to feelings) at this point we are a bundle of confusion or over confidence, it’s hardly ever in between but I tried to imagine what happens in our heads when we have a hole to fill.





It’s easy to mistaken sex for love these days especially when we have these feel-good hormones released in our brains when we are doing the “do”. It shapes how we feel about the partner sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad. Let’s see how this goes.


I don’t know why I said I’d meet him. I know I gave him my number at the lounge but I didn’t think we were going to go home together. I hoped it would be one of those, “I am collecting her number just because I can not because I plan to call her” type of guy.

Dang it.

Why did I do that? Why did I act like that? (She smiles) I’m only going to have one drink…okay maybe two. I’m not going to have sex with him, I don’t want to. I really don’t, I really had no intention of going home with him or anyone for that matter. When we sat down next to each other it was clear we were not each other’s style but it wasn’t even awkward. We just started talking, no ulterior motives, I really don’t know what happened.


Its really a bad idea with this girl…ermmmmm, what am I even saying saying? I have no idea who she is but she’s not a girl, that’s for sure. Why am I going so far to see someone I’m not even sure of? I’m not in a good space for this. Yeah, she was beautiful and yes, she had a great body. She was smart too but was she even drunk? I don’t even know! I don’t know what she was but does it really matter? Am I imagining things or am I getting a tingle down there just thinking about her? No, no, no its just these briefs, damn briefs they always rub me in an odd way.

God, She was sexy! That was sexy!(Smiling to himself) It was beyond sexy, I felt like I was in a damn movie. (Wider smile) but what’s wrong with me? Why am I so nervous? This is ridiculous. I need a drink.


I don’t think I was drunk, a little tipsy maybe but I’m sure I could say I was drunk, drunk. Aghhh, I’m sure he found that really attractive as I sat there just chirping about myself. No wonder he was excited when we got home, I finally shut up! I hardly said a word the rest of the night after that. It was good but there is nowhere for it to go, I think it would been fine if it was just sex but it took another turn, something happened I don’t know what zone that was but both of us played into it. I think it’s good we going to meet now just have a few drinks and get it straight, let him know I know what this was. Nothing.


Okay, no more drinks. I want to be sure she really knows what she signed up for. I hope she likes it.

So? Is this just sex or was there a “love connection” somewhere here?

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