Are We Breeding A Generation Of Male Body Parts Exposed?

public Urination 1

I don’t understand the number of d**ks  I see at the side of the road, as you probably know by now I walk to every place that can be trekked to without breaking too much of a sweat. Its actually the only activity that comes closest to working out for me and I really enjoy it as long as i’m not being disturbed by those horrible catcalls or being scorched by the sun.
As much as i want to put the walk in I can’t enjoy it because of the number of guys that just flip out privates and just pee by the side of the road/street as the case maybe. I have different reasons why this pisses(pun intended)
me off and i’ll share them with you:

1. Why do you think its okay to do everything else in private and then pass the urine in public?

2. Why is public urination not a crime yet?

3. Do you realise that you make the spot you urinate on smell? I know you do but you don’t just care.

4. It can even be forgiven when you pee in public (as though that’s not bad enough)but if you can’t conceal your privates do you know that you can be arrested for indecent exposure in some countries?

5. Again not that indecent exposure is allowed by any level but trust when say its less offensive when its sideways.I have seen not one,not two but countless number of guys that pee facing the road. I mean I can see the d**k!

Its not fair really,why can’t just I take a walk in peace?

What pisses you off the most about the public urination? Is there a way we could help reduce it without the help of the government?

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