How To Win The Battle Between “Following The Trend & Doing What’s Right”

The Yin and Yang of Good and Evil

The Yin and Yang of Good and Evil

How’s work? I asked her, “It’s okay oh! We’re pushing it” was her reply as was many other people’s reply on the issue of work in general but then she proceeded to say, “Have you seen Tricia recently?”
I have! And she looks absolutely fabulous these days, I replied.
“Ehen now, with all that money how won’t she look fabulous? She’s going out with a one governor now and he’s treating her very well oh! She’s lucky because I heard that some of these girls aren’t as lucky as she is ‘cos not all these old married men give money like hers”.
So, she’s a prostitute now? I asked.
” Nooooo,ahn ahn now. Don’t you know the difference? She doesn’t stand on the road to look for clients, her calibre are too classy to be called prostitutes ( She looked at me with disbelief), they’re even higher than “call girls”. She explained.
I was really confused, you are sleeping with someone for financial purposes, what does that make you?
As you can imagine she went on to explain in detail what the difference between ashewo, prostitutes, call girls, and so many other names that have been given for the different classes of these type of women/men are. (If you know anything of the break down of different kinds of these class if people please help by dropping a comment).

The trouble is she believed some of these girls had transcended those coinages and that work is work even if it meant using your body or your “talent” to get it.
I have to say getting a rich man to fund start up or your business really gets things going further that it would have, if you had to really toil for it from the beginning.
Glowing prospects, eh?
Did it cross my mind? Yes
Will I do it? Very unlikely,so…nope! You’re a hawk when you start because its not just out of the blue,it is spending just enough for those people to pick you out of the crowd,being strategic about EVERYTHING! It’s not for everyone.
Understanding the struggle that many have faced before you expected can help you understand the situation within yourself.
Evil and good are always at war inside you, it’s in your nature but there’s a bright side! What is happening to you is happening to so many others who you don’t know are having this battle of “should I do what’s right or should just do what everyone is doing but pretending they’re not?” inside. They can be inspired by you/your life if and when you tread carefully on the right path.
So you’re saying you don’t know if you can manage it with all the pressure in real life and especially social media? I say we’re all trying to do something, eat better, work smarter, make extra cash, work out and the list could go on forever but there’s a thin line between losing what makes you special or become one of the rest.
Have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you alone can help people with these strong battles between doing what’s right and what’s not? You can start easy though, start with just you. How can make your life a shining example for others to see and emulate?
Your legacy could create a very huge ripple effect because you may not know who is watching but along all the strife and struggles is the power to restore some semblance of “balance”.
What do I suggest? Wear your “Do Good” attitude like a crown/and don’t be slighted by what people will label you. (Warning: Be careful because no one likes a ‘know-it-all’ or the person with the ‘Holier than thou” attitude.)
Humility is key.

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