Smelling Good Is The Shit! (Pun Intended)



Smelling good is good business, I believe.

I have been obsessed with perfumes since I was a kid, there’s a musky perfume that my mum wore every day and the everything she touched had that fragrance, i loved it. As a tiny kid i could literally sniff her out of a crowd and just go straight to her without making a mistake, the way her normal scent mixed with that perfume was perfect. Imagine when mummy went for one those long trips and I’ll just go to her pillow and lie there…

As I grew up she introduced up to the world of perfumes and smelling good generally, perfumes have a transformative quality  and can be pricey too(if you don’t know what to buy for me don’t think too much just buy perfume!) .You have to understand to smell good then you should not just dab/spritz fragrance on your body you have to watch and do a lot of things.

Music, at times, is more like perfume than mathematics. — Gabriel Marcel


You know those people who, no matter what they do, just smell impeccable? Well, it’s not just luck of the draw: There’s a formula to this good (-smelling) fortune.

While regular showers do play a part, those with aromas that cause double-takes (the good kind) don’t go about life like the rest of us. They know where to spritz and how to make their scents last longer, they take their time picking out fragrances, and they think about what they put in their bodies, not just on them.

You’ll be the one turning heads with your scent trail after reading this, trust me.

As the old adage goes, “you are what you eat”. And, apparently, you also emit what you eat (and drink). If you want to smell good, it’s important to be thoughtful about what you put in your body.

A diet full of spice, onions, and garlic is good for you, but it comes right out your pores! Those three things can come through your skin and breath for up to 48 hours, depending how crazy you went (add red meat to the list).

Food affects not only your own natural body odour, but also how perfume reacts with and develops on your skin. Eating well — lots of fresh food, including fruits and vegetables and clean protein — really keeps the body fresh and running smoothly, thus providing the perfect substrate for fragrance.

Alcohol can have an adverse effect on body odour “As our bodies process alcohol, the by-product is sugar and that is processed through our pores, The result can be a sickly, sweet odour that is not pretty.

It may seem like a common knowledge, but basic clothing maintenance (i.e., regular washing) makes a major difference in the odours you emit.

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.

Christian Dior

People often don’t realize that where you spritz fragrance on your body can make all the difference. Fragrance rises from the bottom to the top, so if you spray at all your chakra points — ankle, behind the knees, pubic-hair area, chest, and behind your ears — you get the full benefit from a fragrance. You can not go wrong with the “hot spots,” or areas that are the warmest, like the small of the back, the stomach, the back of the neck, and the ankles.

In order not to overwhelm, you could spray the fragrance about half an hour before leaving the house and always at least one foot away from the body. This allows the scent to settle in, and not suffocate the person sitting next to you.

Smelling good goes way beyond just spraying your body — it’s a way of life, people. A lot of our experts recommend spreading the love to your apartment, clothes (like, say, adding a couple of spritzes to your jacket in the colder months in-between dry-cleaning), and even hair.


What’s your best perfume(s) ever?!


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