What’s This You’re Eating? Quinoa!

Quinoa blend by Nebianet (3)

I’m northern and proud of it. This doesn’t mean I must be either Hausa or Fulani, it just says I’m not from the part of Nigeria were anyone really wants to know about or probably will learn just enough to criticize (that’s what most people do).

We have a whole variety of food that is not mainstream or people have not found a way to monetize.

I consider myself a very adventurous person when it comes to food because if someone doesn’t say “It has an acquired taste” (that’s code for “it tastes weird but I’ll just get used to this”) then it’s probably sweet or savory which is good enough for me.(Not a huge fan of that sweet and sour sauce, I’m like, “just pick one side!”).

I brought the quinoa blend mix (I’ll do a recipe post soon) from home when I went for the holidays and found that my Mom had this new obsession with the food which she took in form of custard and really liked that it was carb-free.

Quinoa Blend post by Nebianet (1)

I usually bring my food from home to the office having it in mind that most people usually had clue what I’m eating is I either have to hide to eat or prepare to answer(in detail) more than 7 people ask me “what this you’re eating?” and this wasn’t  different, the only difference that I was genuinely shocked that no one know what it was.

Quinoa Blend post by Nebianet (2)

Kunun Tamba aka Quinoa blendEnter a caption

Tamba is what we call it in Kaduna and we use it like you use coconut shavings on that homemade cake in Waken Gida aka Kidney beans which we soak for like 12hrs before we cook.(this will need its blog post)

Quinoa may not be a household name just yet, but it is set for a starry future – as far as grains go.

If I managed to confuse you a little bit more please just google Quinoa and its benefits.

Have a fabulous day.
Stay awesome,
Love and love.


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