How Zootopia Reminded Me Of #TheStruggle (And Made Me Cry)


Don’t judge a book by its cover, these are one of the wisest words ever said and it just describes this awesome Disney movie to me. I saw an article about it and how almost anything and everything was talked about, not that I ever needed any review to watch a Disney movie ( no matter how crappy every person in the room thought the production was) It’s safe to say I’m one of the biggest Disney fan out there.

I hope I don’t spoil anything for you with this write-up. I hate spoilers!

There  was a bunny who wanted to join the Police Force as part of the Mayor’s new “Mammal Program” and even at the Police academy where they mostly bigger animals she got bullied and everyone seemed to think it was a joke making someone ‘cute’ try to be a cop. She came out top in her class as you can expect and her parents didn’t want her to leave their cozy little town.

With everything going on in the society, I have to  give a big ‘thumbs up’ to the person(s) that came up with the ideas for creating such a mega city with all the animals living together in harmony which reminds me of any city in the world right now. The talk about the hustle in everyday life, how we all move to the big city with dreams of conquering just to find out we have just come for the piece of the pie like any of the others who came looking for a better life years before you even showed up!

Talks about how awesome or crappy work can be sometimes, also how some people will tell you to just go back home and quit that struggle to go and follow the order of things the way it usually plays out: just get married, have babies and some other people will encourage you that you will see crappy days but you’ll also see awesome days, just keep doing your best.

Being kind to people, standing up for the smaller person and the likelihood of being nice to people who come to you with the “ I just lost my wallet and I need just a little money get me home. Help and God will bless you”. You help them and you turn around see your friends laughing at you because they didn’t expect you to fall for it from the beginning. (These are mostly scams BTW)

tumblr_inline_o27a3wMvY01qzflvx_1280 zootopia

Striking me like a match is the blatant stereotyping; I really connect with this “boxing in” for being a girl and being from a minority.  No movie in recent memory has addressed issues of race, gender, xenophobia, and stereotyping in such a frank and open fashion.

Some people just want to make sure you ‘know your place’ but the fox says “Never let them see that they get to you” and even without knowing this saying I’ve always had a brave face even in the presence of the hugest fears.

Zootopia reminded me of why I wake up every morning at 5:00am every morning because I know, I believe that no matter how many times I get run down by situations I’ll keep trying, reach the end and start again because no one ever gets it right without getting it wrong!

Stay awesome,
Love and love.

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