Living Alone And Its Awesome Perks


I used to think living alone would be the worst thing that could happen to me, the best part of being in a house it having someone to share it with I thought.
It will be creepy to be not having someone next door.
Will I be able to eat the food I cook on my own?
Will I not spoil my opportunities of finding an “appropriate” partner?
I will be seen as one of those creepy girls.Fast forward to now that I have lived alone, then tried to get a roommate again, then lived alone in a neighborhood I didn’t even like because that was all I could afford at the time to now living alone in a neighborhood I like this is what I can say;

  • I loooove my company
  • I have always had a lonesome person trying to crawl out and I finally let her out
  • I like the Idea of living all by myself with me and only me murk things up (its easier to handle that way)
  • Every corner and every inch of my apartment is all mine, I don’t have any “no go”areas.
  • If I had a roommate that was having a bad day,I’d have to figure that out and stay out of look for a way to make her feel better. I don’t have that worry cos I handle my bad days and savor because I have just me to keep up with my stay-home moods.
  • My supplies stay much longer *big grin*
  • I never close the door to my toilet when I’m doing my business because…I can!
  • I can be disgusting and no one will judge me for that *side eye*
  • I can talk to myself,read to myself, sing to myself and be awesome. All without fear of being asked to “keep it down”
  • I can have people over and kick them out when I’m beginning to miss my own company.
  • I have a guy come over, keep me “company” or have a total absence of that. I’ll handle the roller coaster of that kind of emotion without fear of being judged.
  • I watch what I want. Simple
  • Hearing myself think is not a problem.
  • I can be naked ALL the time. *big smile*

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