Double Standards Or Nah??

Double Standards strip

Statistically and historically speaking, men have been the biggest, most adulterous hoes since the dawn of time and yet will call women hoes for ;

- sleeping with anyone ever

-moving on after a breakup

– wearing a dress/skirt of a certain length

- having naturally voluptuous body parts

– expressing any sexual desire (though men will not hesitate to tell you theirs)

- sending “revealing” pics (that men ask for in the first place)

- having slept with one of their friends before (though the friend himself is not considered a hoe for doing the same thing)

– expressing independence and autonomy

– rejecting men’s expectations and requirements of women

- using a Snapchat filter

– calling men out on their misogynistic double-standards


And sometimes women use this to a piss… (see comic strip above this)

But does it justify the huge gap in “that’s not fair to a woman” situations we are forced to handle because it “a man’s world”? (see strip below)

DoubleStandards 2

Have a fabulous day.
Stay awesome,
Love and love.




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