Cocoa Brown Reminded Me of #TheStruggle 

Long time no post! 😔😋😊
I apologise for that but something triggered a thought process that I’ve had for years now. Spoiler alert! It’s relationship related.

As a young girl I know I loved stories, gist and everything created with a “Once upon a time” behind it.

So, there once was an innocent doe eyed girl that just went around doing what she liked best, playing, she was good with meeting new people and getting people to talk to her even when they typically won’t talk to anyone. This girl likes dancing too so, when there was a call for dancers to help in her school’s media week finale, she signed up and they people dancing seemed like they knew what they were doing with all the salsa moves infused with hip hop and others that made it look like a medley of awesomeness (looking back now it seems really sloppy) . She joined them, started dancing like she was on an MTV TGIF party almost every evening for rehearsals then one evening he walked in.
He was going to change the way she thought of everything. He was going to change everything and he did, he made her actually study and look at the future and what it held, first for her and then for the both of them, it was their little world they’d created then he graduated. Everything was still “them” . She graduated then everything started becoming confusing, overwhelming.

She wanted to experience life and she didn’t think her town could give her the kind of “experience” she wanted . She knew ultimately she wanted to end up with him, he was the only thing she was sure about.

The End.

Does it really end there? Really? 😂😂😂

Well it doesn’t, being in a long distance relationship can be tough for different people and it was HARD on the both of them, their reunions were magic but the time apart was tasking and she knew it was her fault, she knew it was her that wanted to see what a town with a bigger chance to practice her chosen career has to offer. She did and she saw the possibilities, endless. She dreamt of something bigger than herself but she also wanted to settle down already but he didn’t seem as though he was ready and from the view of the rest of the world she looked like she was just interested in a career not in “settling down”.

They broke up. The story is still developing though, so I don’t know how it ends for these two yet.
This is story is the most relatable story for people, mostly ladies from small towns. You can watch the 1st episode of the series that reminded me of this story here it’s called “Cocoa Brown” . I won’t give any spoilers but it’s a good story.


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