Complimentary Yet Whole 

She’d looked forward to this wedding for weeks as the lady getting married was the sweetest yet crazier-than-most person she’d ever met… 😍

It’s Saturday and she’s up. Musters some words of prayer and then grabs her phone.
“How to wear bustier-like gown to a wedding”
She didn’t like the results she was given on the 1st page (and you know no one ever likes to go to the second page of Google search, they usually just type in another query to give them a less-than-savoury 1st page search) she simply clears the bar and just go to to get her dose of the trending news on the “internets” and then because let’s face it she’s addicted to their style of writing, original videos, the cleverness of their ads…everything. (She’d really like to work there).

She knew exactly what she wanted to wear and the truth is she wanted to Internet to just confirm the plans she already, since it wasn’t doing that she just finished with her fair those of her favourite websites and turned off her data.
“Where’s that book?” She asks herself, then feels around her bed for it.. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. A historical fictional story based off of WWII and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen: the women’s war.
She always been a sucker for anything historical really, (ask her paternal grandma about the number of embarrassing barrage of questions she asked when they had time together)
This book is about the labour of love and passion but not in a romance novel type of way but in a oh-my-God-people-are-suffering-type-of-way. She kept reading and crying at the time. It was so sad.



It is my memories. Wounds heal. Love lasts
We remain.


The book ended, just like that! What will she do with her life now? The wedding!
“Oh my god,oh my god”…. She started panicking, the wedding was supposed to start at 12 noon, it was half past one and had not even showered yet!
She got showered and did her makeup in 30 minutes then grabbed the dress, stepped into it and she heard a tearing sounsound.


No No No No! This can’t be happening!
Her yanga haff end! 🙈
Just perfect was she to do now! She didn’t have any wedding guest outfit in her entire closet she thought she could even manage!

Fast forward to the next 20 minutes (which seemed like a lifetime) she remembered that thing @Chriesellelim did when she went for fashion week in Paris and she tried it too.
It worked! Aha!
Grabbed her phone, got an Uber and “wedding off”!

What do you think of the final look? Be honest, laugh if you want to…😉.


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