Switching To The “Better Me” Package

1. Intention: Waking up at 5 am. I’ve become such an early bird (in every sense of the phrase, and by that I mean I’m dozing off by 9pm…NO MATTER where I am! In the car, on the couch, in the office (Yes, I’m in the office till 9pm sometimes, Judge me 😋)
My friends have different theories about this, from being pregnant, bitten by a tse tse fly… and to be honest with you, I don’t mind!). I get to bed early and I’m up early!

When growing up, daddy was always up at the 4:30am to 5am range and then returns on his radio to BBC or Voice Of America.. Regardless of what day it was, there was no off day for his kind of early rising and you were always informed whether or not you wanted it. (That’s a plus I guess 😏)

And just like the French say… “La vie appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt.” which in English means “Life belongs to those who rise early!”. This is the idea really want to imbibe but I wake up 3am these days and I’m not really excited by it but I’m pushing my body to not be so excited at waking up THAT early, I’m saying to it “two more hours honey, you can do this. You love sleep!”
2. Watching Documentaries. I wasn’t the type to typically have my entertainment based on doccies  about another persons life or a war or even a an eloquently planned building, I don’t know why, I guess I just always mouse over the Movies, Cartoon, Anime to get lost in a story from a completely different time & place or get my mind and stuff together if need be; before i even consider Documentaries.

But lately I’ve been inspired to watch more documentaries on people, especially those who have made a mark in their areas of expertise, be it in talent, knowledge or just life in general. I saw “The Real Versailles” that was all about the Louis XIV, Sun King and I got hooked to doccies.

*Side note: Have you seen “Lagos to London: Britain’s New Super Rich”? You should, it’ll either motivate you or annoy you OR both! Please if/when you do tell me what you think.
3. Boiled Groundnut! OMG, this makes me not want to share our even have any friend over, if I share with you or give you then chances are, I have you on a high pedestal of love and friendship ❤ (Yes! It’s that serious) Heavenly! I buy some when I’m going to see my family with the S names, everytime I walk into the room with a bag full of the uncooked ones the little 4 year old “S”asks excitedly ‘are those peanuts?’ Yes they’re darling but Nigerians just call them groundnuts . 😒

My mum and her siblings can eat a bag full of these while catching up and not realise when it finishes, and I guess this is where I got hooked on these goodness-in-nutshells! But there’s a trick to the way we boil ours, if it’s not done that way I usually can’t stand the taste.

It’s seasonal sadly and I know only two places to get it, Bonny Camp here in Victoria Island and Ojodu Berger market. Do you know any other place I can get fresh groundnuts?

Banana bread: I’m now on the hunt for a cool recipe to follow and make some at home! Let me know if you know of any!
4. Bare faced-ness. I love being made up & I kinda like makeup, but  it’s gotten kind of worse now, so, I’ve been loving going makeup free more, and only ever wear it when I’m filming, shooting or going out to a special event.

I also have to admit that the fact that the price of makeup has a lot to do with my decision. I use mainly “Mac Match master” in 8.5. From 7k to 18k because of exchange rates? 😫. I can’t fathom it.

My skin has been doing a lot of breathing, and it feels great!
5. Humans of New York. I looooove his Instagram page! So full of stories, inspiration and words of wisdom , and every now and again I take a peek and I leave her page learning something new and feeling good!

He does exactly what i hope to do, tell stories about the human condition and add a face or relevant momento to the mix, kind of street photography (because it’s random people) but a little deeper because the person tells you about their stories not just the photograph

Check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/humansofny/
6. Dressing girly and wearing colour! I’ve been so inspired to step out of my  comfort zone and try out new stuff, I’m a tomboy and it works for me; Jeans, Top and Flats. Easy to move around in but I have some dresses and skirts that I almost never wear. All I need it to add a like bit more flair and essentials, here and there. I’m now moving towards the “tomboy yet chic” movement.

The money though. #phew

Pending. 😞
7. Learn code.

We live in a software-dominated world and HTML has become a key language for success. I  don’t want to be a coding genius or anything, I just want to know enough to inform my work, help put some precision and add a ripple to my ocean (and you know how far ripples go 😎 ).
8.  Sharon Mundia. She is a fellow YouTuber and Blogger, who is extremely lovely, online, and I love to watch her videos. Her voice is soothing and her interests seem to really align with mine, almost everything she says is relatable, even her humour! Her pictures are of great quality and taken by Tatiana who has great work also and we have similar styles , simple yet classy but she’s a bit more adventurous than I am, She’s Kenyan by the way, and has been blogging for awhile now. Maybe one day we’ll meet and collaborate 😆. Check out her blog here: http://www.thisisess.com

What and who are you loving right now? I’d love to know, so comment down below!

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