Go With The Flow

“Let’s go with the flow”, he says. She’s not sure about it but she’s a modern progressive woman, so why not? 😎
They flow aka talk, have relations of all kinds, text back and forth throwing in some long video calls even when either of them was abroad. Let’s not talk about the tags on the funny videos on YouTube, twitter and Instagram. 🙂
One day she tries to call him, it goes busy after ringing about twice or so. And the he send her a text:

Him: Hey.
Him: Can’t talk, what’s up?
Her:. I just wanted to hear your voice 🙂
Him: Sorry. I’m not looking for a relationship right now. 😦

It’s so confusing! If you’re into them, them you are too smothering.
If you take your time or try to give them space…’Oh, I didn’t think you were into me’.
Sex right away? Lose interest.
Wait to have sex. Lose interest.

What the hell is a girl to do?!

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