P.S: Just Live, Forget Tomorrow

I suddenly know we keep hiding our ages. Its just like younger versions of me just keep popping up everywhere I go.
I remember the time when being I kept saying, “I’m young! I have time.”(Querido can testify) I knew what I wanted and was sure I had time as to when I wanted it achieved, it was perfect. I still had to both do me and then us.(find/know myself and then merge seamlessly with that one person I’d spend my life with)

There was my mantra, “I have time”.

Time to figure it out, time to grow, time to become a 2.0 version of me, time to discern black,white and all the shades of colors in between. (more…)

How Zootopia Reminded Me Of #TheStruggle (And Made Me Cry)


Don’t judge a book by its cover, these are one of the wisest words ever said and it just describes this awesome Disney movie to me. I saw an article about it and how almost anything and everything was talked about, not that I ever needed any review to watch a Disney movie ( no matter how crappy every person in the room thought the production was) It’s safe to say I’m one of the biggest Disney fan out there.

I hope I don’t spoil anything for you with this write-up. I hate spoilers!


What’s This You’re Eating? Quinoa!

Quinoa blend by Nebianet (3)

I’m northern and proud of it. This doesn’t mean I must be either Hausa or Fulani, it just says I’m not from the part of Nigeria were anyone really wants to know about or probably will learn just enough to criticize (that’s what most people do).


I Had My Lens 📷 On: Cassie Daves

Cassie Daves Photograpghed by Nebianet Usaini


I’m not going to say anything long about this but it easy to photograph someone especially when they;

  • Know exactly what they want
  • Very responsive
  • Introverts (more…)

Olikoye -Short Story By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Review)


Illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook Olikoye 1Olikoye is the latest short story from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian author of Americanah, Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, and famous Ted Talk: We Should All Be Feminists – all of which, I am proud to say, I read all but one (Purple Hibiscus). (more…)

Getting Robbed In Traffic

This is a 6.5 minute video so you can rest assured I won’t even ramble much on here.
The video is really personal, I hope you enjoy and learn from it . And if you don’t have a YouTube channel, feel free to leave a comment below with some of your experiences so we can get to know each other better 🙂
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Have a fabulous day.
Stay awesome,
Love and love.

Smelling Good Is The Shit! (Pun Intended)



Smelling good is good business, I believe. (more…)

Bestie, BFF Or Is It Just Convienient?

Winnie the Pooh best friend quote

So I learned.

To not call them your best friend unless they think of you the same way.


The Animes That Totally Rocked My 2015

I’m a huge fan of animes but so much of mangas just because I’d rather sit and read a good book than sit and read those (no offence). Without much ado,these are the animes that rocked for me last year,they may be old but I just saw them.

Witch Craft Works anime


10 Powerful keys to unlock your life. by TD JAKES

To succeed at work and in life, you can’t sit still for long.
So how can you make sure you’re getting better every single day?image