Tips For People Who Feel Lost


– Buy lace underwear and model it around at home. You’re a goddess, own it. (more…)

A Little White Lie,Maybe?





I just stumbled across this photo and it brought back some very wonderful but distant memories… If peoples’ noses actually grew long if they lied how many peoples’ noses will still look normal?

I bet lying will be justified as a cool thing to do. Trust us(humans) to make even the worse things sound cool and make them trend!
Sincerity…OVERRATED or UNDERRATED? Most of the time, I feel its not even RATED at all!

Its always amazes me when you can use someone’s sincerity against the person…easily,I might add. In most cases the honest person suffers,I’ve always hated that “its a dog-eat-dog world” saying but its the truth! Its what it is.
How many of us can look inside and be sincere with ourselves? How many of us can keep a normal nose amidst the all the lies around us?

Lying, we do it a lot and we a lot better at it every single passing day. We have gotten to the extent that we fake tell a bad lie so that it will show the person willing to observe that we bad at it.

Researchers say that people even lie without knowing that they are lying! Wait…what? That’s serious.

We are first and foremost social beings and for us successful human interactions are key. It’s also quite clear that lying is a great way to keep an elaborate social outlook even better. Believe it or not when you have a good social standing you gain all kinds of advantages like being the cool kid or hanging out with the cool kids (thus making you a cool kid) and having lots of sex.

Going around saying all kinds of honest things actually makes you seem mean, for instance you say “She is a BBW” instead of saying “She is fat”. Suddenly the terms you use make it easier to tell these things as compared to just saying it like that! Truth, lies or white lies? People like white lies better.

How do think advertisers are so rich while the product critics are (mostly) borderline broke? White lies!

So, better liars get better stuff and still remain in good standing with the populace.

Some researchers say we start lying as early as 6 months, babies’ fake-cry! If you’ve never noticed please be a little bit more observant.


What are the most common white lies you’ve heard or possibly used in the past? Please share in the comment section below.