How it Has Been and What its Gonna Be

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The New Year brings new hope and old regrets together and allows us to take stock of everything we thought we’d do during the past year, the ideas we started developing and thought  we had time but ….BOOM! the year ends, just like that! Well, I like this part that it gives me renewed belief in myself and my amazing super hero abilities to rule the world.

This year my watch word is “consistent” I learnt  that I have a lot of dreams, ideas that I want to turn into gold but I start and stop then continue then on and on. I really wanted to start by making at least one video for my YouTube channel and two posts a week for my website (So help me God).

I don’t like the idea of New Year resolutions because it just dies off at the end of February or thereabout and i just go on with my “normal routine”. Honestly, I want to make a complete turnaround in my body goals, healthy eating goals and work output.

They say happiness is an inside job, right? I think I finally understand what I need to do. Being a little bit more honest especially with myself is a very good way to start. I always used to “not understand what I needed to do” almost every time but all I needed to do was trust myself and my instincts not ask so much of people’s opinions because if “you know, you know”. I hope I can do this.

Healthy eating is one great big challenge for me because i really want to but if you are Nigerian or Know anything about Nigeria then you know that its not easy to eat healthy with all the rice, yam, swallow (pounded yam, semovita, etc.) that are the most easily accessible foods around. Going a step further is my aim this year from smoothies to grains to the most healthy options available to my pocket. The other day I was just surfing the internet and i saw a website called VeganNigerian and I intend to live by this website as though it were my Bible till “healthy” becomes a lifestyle for me. Amen!

I watched an anime movie in 2015 that made me question my digital life and digital footprints and it scared me shitless, so as a result the past year as my most inactive year on social media, “Summer Wars” is a nice movie (not new) that tell about a math genius that solves a problem posted on a virtual world called Oz and everything went south from there. The engaging concept for Summer Wars is simply this: imagine if Facebook and Google were taken over by a virus? Except in Summer Wars, this evolved version of the Internet is called “Oz”. This scared me because at that time I as fully embracing the “I live online ” thing but I have calmed down and not as paranoid as I as when I saw that movie.

I make friends very easily, I’m very easy to get along with, that being said all I want to learn is learn to actually keep these friendships, I have a bad habit of either ignoring my old friends or letting them do the work of keeping in touch and so it sort of becomes a one sided thing but this has to end!

I’m a tomboy at heart to say the least and girly things elude me most of the time but I’m trying to be a lady and I’m making imaginary pin jabs at myself any time i reach for a graphic tee, plain jeans and good old sneakers. Form fitting dresses and a little femininity won’t hurt…I think.


Following my heart and making it it work with the “Fear of the unknown” I’ve let fear rule a huge part of what I do and how i do it, I tell myself that I’m successful people will just pretend to like me and i really want friends not fans but who says I can’t have both? A conscious effort to not let fear cloud my judgement and my creativity will be made every day. Note to self.

All all that has been said, in my opinion, my new year starts on my birthday the huge guilt people feel during the New Year I usually feel on my birthday and  I make all my decisions and my resolves at that time, so when the year turns round and I see resolutions being made and broken. I just want make it one step at a time.

What’s the one thing you really want to do this year? I want to have a “Beyoncé work ethic”!

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